What’s happening in the world of property development?

17 Nov 2018

Buying your first home…

I often get asked advice on buying a first home as this is the first biggest investment. Most people I have noticed have a maximum budget but generally the expectation for that money is quite high. My general advice: ...

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08 Nov 2018

Square Meter Rates on the Floor Vs Walls

One very valuable (and expensive) lesson I have recently learnt is understanding the language of the tradesmen on the 4 house development at Rd. Being aware of companies quoting square meter rates (sqm) on the walls Vs floor. For example ...

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20 Oct 2018

Personal Self Growth.

Personal Self Growth. This blog is a bit more personal than I usually write about but it’s important for me to share my recent experiences. It’s been an awesome 6 weeks since seeing Tony Robbins, I made a decision...

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01 Oct 2018

Is it a good time to buy property?

I often get asked “when is it a good time to buy property?” and my response generally in Yesterday! But truth be told, my absolute favorite time to buy is ...

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20 Sep 2018

Tony Robbins UPW Experience

Eleanor and I have just completed the UPW experience with Tony Robbins and let me tell you that it was awesome and I highly recommend it. ...

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01 Aug 2018

Park Ave finally finished!

Park Ave is finally completed, and it looks great, now the question is whether the market will appreciate the architecturally designed building?...

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