About Us

We’re Nest or Invest Group and we exist to create beautiful, healthy, modern homes so our customers can live a life of freedom and flexibility. 

We created Nest or Invest Group for young professionals and people looking to downsize because we know it can be hard work maintaining a home; On top of work, travel or lifestyle commitments, there is hardly any time –  that’s why we have created our modern apartments which are easy to live in and maintain so you have more time and freedom to live the life that you want.

Nest or Invest Group is passionate about creating high quality, architecturally designed apartments and work only with value-aligned experts in our field.

We’re also passionate about creating a world where everyone has an opportunity to live in a beautiful healthy home that helps to sustain the NZ environment and are always looking for better solutions from design to build which will bring us closer to this goal.

Nest or Invest Group was created by Jasnish Gujral who with over a decade experience in the property industry set up Nest or Invest to create legendary buildings which follow a streamlined building process with care, quality and design at top of mind – unique, personalised experience from start to end.